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På Västerbottens Museum i Umeå pågår just nu en utställning "Prag 68 – mot glömskans
tyranni" med Sune Jonssons bilder från invasionen i Tjeckoslovakien.
Följande brev från Joanna Helander finns med på utställningen (Öppnas i ett nytt fönster)

Joanna Joanna i IPN Wieliczka

Happy New Year!


Press Release

"Eighth Day Theater," the award-winning, feature-length documentary  by Joanna Helander & Bo Persson continues to be shown the world over.

It has now been screened in more than thirty countries.

November 13-15, the film will be shown at the John Waldron Arts Center, Bloomington, Indiana, USA. At the same time, the actors who appear in the film will be performing their new play "Teczki/The Files" in Bloomington.  This black comedy draws on the files created by the Polish security police during the 1970´s and 1980´s when the members of  EIghth Day Theater were persecuted for their commitment to the underground democratic opposition.

"Not only black and white"

Joanna Helander shows photos in 'Blå Huset', Konstepidemin,
Gothenburg between 27 september and 19 october

Not only Black and White

Joanna Helander shows photos in Arvika

Teater Åttonde dagen affisch


For almost 30 years Joanna Helander has photographed and filmed the actors from the polish theatre group Eight Day Theatre. In conjunction with the Arvika festival in Arvika, Sweden she shoes her exhibition ”Teater Åttonde Dagen – Mon Amour” in Arvika library 30 juni-11 juli

Arvika affisch 2

The award winning movie ” Teatr Ósmego Dnia” by Joanna Helander and Bo Persson is screened in
Arvika Library friday the 4th of july.
The theatre group will play their show "the Arc" on Arvika Festival by midnight on the 3rd of july.

Arvika Library: +46 (0) 570 - 818 36 Arvikafestivalen:

She - Documentalists
March 18 - May 18 2008

Zacheta National Gallery, Warszaw

KinoKoszyk logotypJoanna Helander has been invited to take part in the exhibition at theZacheta National Gallery opening on March 18 where she will show new black
and white prints from her book "Kobieta" and her short film "Babcia".