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Kino Koszyk HB was founded by Joanna Helander & Bo Persson as an independent company in 1987 with a head office in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company produces creative documentaries for cinema and television.

Several of Kino Koszyk’s films have had theatrical releases in Sweden and other countries. These include the three creative documentaries “Eighth Day Theatre”, ”Returning” and “The Twins from Cracow”.

They have been screened in theatres and at festivals in a number of countries (see separate document). “Eighth Day Theatre” and “Returning” were shown on the German television channel ARD, ARTE in France & Germany, Czech Television, Polish Television and others.

The above projects were financed with the support of The Swedish Film Institute, Swedish Television and others.

In countries like Belarus, Ukraine and the former Yugoslavia, where, for long periods of time, censorship made it impossible to screen the films in theatres or on TV, they were widely circulated as “video-samizdat”.

Other shorter films and audiovisual projects by Kino Koszyk that have had commercial releases in Sweden and other countries include “Gerard K – Letters from Poland”, “Long Live Poland” and, most recently, ”If She from Poland Was Here" about Nobel Prize winner Wislawa Szymborska.